15 November 2011


new arrivals
a perfect striped cotton nightshirt from Araks

Dieppa Restrepo oxfords
-a beautiful blend of feminine and masculine

and stellar pieces from Erin Considine!

p.s. free domestic shipping is available through friday


Jocy said...

I'm really digging Erin Considine's pieces this season.

P R I M O E Z A said...

my goodness, erin's work is stunning.

yamada.wakako said...

Hi,I live in Tokyo.
I like your photo soooo much!Beautiful!
Could you tell me what you're using a camera??

Jennifer said...

That Erin Considine piece is amazeballs (2nd time I've used that word in my life)!!

Love Araks, been wanting to buy something from that line from your shop...having such a hard time deciding. The way you styled that shirt looks straight out of the Gentlewoman!

Just purchased my 1st pair of DR's and love them! You are correct about them being the perfect blend of masculine - feminine.

Anonymous said...

so good work!

R.G. said...

hi jocy, elizabeth, and jennifer! i agree... the erin considine pieces are even more stunning in person.

thank you so much, ajisai! i use a nikon d5000.

yamada.wakako said...

dear montmarte,

Thank you for your reply.
I am looking forward to your blog from now on!(^^)

Kelly said...

Oh those pale pink numbers are so swoony. I just love a pale pink and black ensemble.