13 November 2011

An interview with Shara Lotfi, a designer based in San Francisco.

+Describe your job
I design textiles and women's garments for my clothing line, Lotfi, which I began in January 2011. My first textile prints were based on a series of oil paintings by my husband. We worked together to make those very first prints, which was really fun. Working on the textiles is definitely my favorite part of the whole process, and I'm working on expanding the number of textile prints for spring.

+What inspires your work
My husband's artwork, classic movies, music, children's books illustrations, nature...

+Favorite local places
Grand Coffee in the Mission for egg creams and delicious coffee; Green Apple bookstore; Mission Pie; Lost Weekend Video for browsing and for the great employee recommendations; the Castro Theater; Shanghai Dumpling King for the best dumplings ever; Bob's Doughnuts (best had a midnight or as close to as possible); and Tartine, of course.

+What is on your wish list?
I would love to pick up one or two Mociun pieces since this is her last season. Also on my wish list is a Rennes bag, a Lauren Manoogian bracelet, and a Bryan Schutmaat print.

I just finished reading The Bone People. It was such an amazing, amazing book. It always takes me a while to get into a new book after I've finished one I really like, so I haven't found my next book yet, although before The Bone People I was on a bit of a space kick with Packing for Mars and Moondust.

+Listening to...
This changes a lot...but lately it's been a lot of Bruce Springsteen. Also a lot of Beirut, Marissa Nadler, Patsy Cline, The National, and Talking Heads. When I'm sewing or working in the studio I also like to listen to the Wait Wait, Don't Tell me podcast from NPR.

+Dinner is...
Soup! Soup is all I ever want to eat once it starts getting cold outside. Or we'll have roast chicken or fish with vegetables and brown rice. Hopefully followed by dessert or at least a piece of chocolate and a graham cracker.


Debbie Schramer said...

so fascinating. your blog is really wonderful. i am so happy i remembered it; will definitely visit again. i hope you'll visit my blog, too. i make lovely little fairy furniture and houses from nature and paint, too. thank you for sharing such beauty!

Jennifer said...

That top photo is just amazing. You are so good, Renee.

Lovely little piece on a lovely person.

ashley said...

Such gorgeous photos of her and her place! She is a sweetheart!

karin said...

the atmosphere in the photos is fantastic, like the table a lot.