13 September 2016

semi-translucent, floral printed lace, pointelle knits, and softly sculptural silhouettes
at a détacher's poetic spring 2017 presentation

 photographed by valeda beach stull for anaïse

28 April 2016

L: Pedro Canicoba, M: Joana Preiss, R: Antonio Macarro

An interview with Antonio Macarro and Pedro Canicoba,
editors of Many of Them;
a journal packed with dreamy images, compelling discussions, and interviews.

+ Background
Antonio: I grew up in San Sebastian, Spain, and now I'm living here with Pedro in this city in Basque Country. I travel a lot but our studio has been based here since 2008. I love being here because the city is like a quiet background where I can focus on my work, my books, and me. I studied Fine Arts, and my work is always on this path between cinema and editorial fields.

Pedro: I grew up in Andalusia in Southern Spain and as Antonio said, we live in the Spanish Basque Country, which is beautiful. I have a degree in Publicity and studied Pattern Cutting and Dressmaking.

+ How did Many of Them come about?
P: Originally, Many of them was a book that Antonio created. At the beginning, we used to work for some Spanish magazines and newspapers,  but we wanted to go further and talk about what we considered important. That is why we thought it would be nice to proceed with Many of Them. There was a kind of statement we made at the beginning of this journey together. We defined Many of Them as a limited edition publication of 1000 printed and distributed copies. Its aim is to offer a space for discussion in which creators can share their perspectives about their field, their language, and the problems they face in their everyday practice. This magazine encompasses many of the things Antonio and I love, and we try to create a place for them.

A: Yes, it originally started as a diary in 2008 and it keeps evolving into different formats. All the images and text are produced in-house, but we continue to learn from new external collaborations. We try to stand away from trends, as its purpose is to offer a haven where fascinating people can gather and timeless themes be addresses, to document the present whilst becoming an archive for the future.

 + Could you describe a typical day?
A: First coffee, then emails, calls, meetings, and after that, I don't know what to say...everyday is a new story. Work in this field is like an expedition, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. You have to try to reach a certain point but everyday is a new challenge.

P: During wintertime, San Sebastian is very quiet and the days are the same, this I love. It reminds me of the old times when the good bourgeoisie had everything organized around breakfast, lunch, and dinner...so I suppose this is one of my typical days because I love being a little bourgeois.

+ Favorite spots in San Sebastian?
P: The sea
A: Living close to the sea and my family

+ Favorite books and magazines
A: A diary in the strictest sense of the term. Bronislaw Malinowski. Stanford University Press, 1989
Un film falado. Manoel de Oliveira, 2003.
Eroberung des Nutzlosen. Werner Herzog. Blackie Books, 2010. 

P: The encyclopedia

+ What are your spring essentials?
A: Gin + tonic
P: A short and "mantecado" ice cream

+ Favorite spring-time meal?
A: Seafood, gazpacho, and salmorejo
P: Cucumber sandwiches

+ Favorite music/albums?
A: R&B
P: Frank Ocean

+ What are you dreaming of?
A: More free time, traveling, the new big issue of Many of Them Magazine (coming January 2017) and to be able to follow and develop my path.
P: Traveling around the world long term.

+ Favorite pieces in your wardrobe?
A: I'm linked more to objects than clothing. My beloved treasures are some polaroids I kept from my last shoot with the lovely Paz de la Huerta, and Araki picture I have in my office, and a big painting I have from Christian Astuguevielle he did for my last movie. I love to collect objects connected to my experiences and memories.

P: I love pajamas...to sleep and to wear outside of the bed. :)

Thank you, Antonio and Pedro!
View the latest issue of Many of Them here.

08 April 2016

An interview with Simone Shubuck,
an artist based in New York whose work is infused with dreamy abstraction and vibrant bursts of color.

+ Background
I'm an artist living in NYC. For many years, I supported myself by working as a floral designer but now I just focus on my artwork and keeping up with my energetic son which are two really big jobs. I live in Chelsea and have a studio in Dumbo.

+ What inspires your work?
My experience working with flowers was never intended to be anything other than a fun and creative way to make money but the stuff I learned from the flowers (and business side) profoundly affected me. While I don't have my hands on the flowers in a daily way, their information, colors, and forms are an infinite source of inspiration I quite literally draw from daily. Botanical images as ideas, and also, music. Without music, I can't do a thing.

+ Favorite colors?
Kelly green has been on me for a while. I can't shake it. I try and it doesn't work. Salmon. Kelly green and salmon together are pretty great. 

+ Could you describe a typical day?
Wake up at 6:45 am. Make coffee and pack my son's lunch, and help him get off if my husband takes him, or take him if it's my turn. Either way, I head to the studio afterwards and stay all day unless I leave in the afternoon to exercise 2-3 days a week. Home around 6 pm. We like to cook and stay home or go out about equally. If I'm out I will come home to check in and see my son for a few hours. 

+ Favorite spots in New York
I love the many community gardens in New York. Liz Christy is the original on Houston and Bowery. It has really hung on through so many changes.

I love Dashwood Books.

I always want to linger and hang with the crew at A Détacher. Everyone and everything is so infused with Mona's true, beautiful, and clear creative vision. I love that there is one of those stores and not a global chain or that it's one of many. It feels like a very unique and special experience to be there where they work and sell things, both ultra contemporary and very old school at the same time. 

+ Favorite books and magazines
Bon Apétit (of course!) 
World of Interiors 
The Signature of all Things by Liz Gilbert.
Also, her self help-y book, Big Magic.
It helped me tremendously thinking about and navigating my own creative process. I know people make a big giant eye roll because of Eat, Pray, Love but she is really so damn good and really has a generous spirit to her readers which was the genesis of Big Magic. 

+ What are your spring essentials?
Apparently, a very warm coat and hat (lately, it's been like 30 degrees here!) but hopefully soon a trench and some new Gucci loafers I am dying to rock that were a gift from my husband.

+ Idea of a perfect, spring meal
Spaghetti with ramps and breadcrumbs made by my husband.
Sitting in our garden with some extremely cold rosé.

+ Favorite music
I'm a hip hop, jazz, and R & B fan, but I love everything. Right now, the Life Of Pablo is on repeat. I can't help it, I love Kanye. I've also been pulling out random CD's I still have around, and found a gem, Purple Night by Sun Ra. There is such an insanely good astral but still swingy and straight version of The Stars Fell on Alabama that makes me crazy with joy.

Dreaming of... 
Summer! Sipping a Bellini in Italy this summer with my family and friends. 

+ Favorite pieces in your wardrobe?
I am really too lazy to make an outfit so I live for a one piece. I have great ones by A Détacher. 
I'm either in Birkenstocks or 5" Alaia platforms.
I have loads of Jane Mayle's older pieces and newer bags. So excited she has recently relaunched. 
I bought myself a 1972 rose gold day date Rolex a couple of years ago with some art income I had been saving. My husband made fun of me and says a gold watch is for retirement but I doubt I will ever retire so I took it as an advance and a reminder to keep at it.

 (Top L) A current scene from Simone's studio in Dumbo, (Top R) A drawing by Simone    
(Bottom) Simone's spring floral arrangement 
Thank you, Simone!
View Simone's work at http://simoneshubuck.com/

04 April 2016

new arrivals from a détacher
images by june rustigan

14 February 2016

cascading ruffles, playful, billowy silhouettes, dreamy floral prints, and chunky alpaca knits
at a détacher's enchanting fall 2016 presentation

 photographed by valeda beach stull for anaïse

12 February 2016


An interview with Jacques-Elie Ribeyron, a Paris-based industrial designer, and creator of RIBEYRON
Inspired by organic silhouettes and industrial hardware, Jacques-Elie Ribeyron launched his eponymous line of jewelry, RIBEYRON, in autumn 2015. The line is produced in Paris by local artisans and craftsmen. 

+ Background
I grew up in Montréal, Canada and then moved to Lausanne, Switzerland to complete the second part of my studies. I studIed at Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne where I completed a masters degree in design and luxury industry. I graduated in 2010, and have lived in Paris since then.

+ Could you describe a typical day?
 I go to the studio, see manufacturers, then chat a lot with them as they are friends. I also do a lot of biking as Paris is quite small (I don’t have anything fancy, I use a simple Velib).

+ Favorite places in Paris
I am always in La Goutte d’Or in the 18th, Faubourg St-Denis in the 10th or Belleville in the 11th. 
The studio I have with some other friends is in Belleville and I live in La Goutte d’Or.  I really like these places. 

+ Favorite magazines and books
I appreciate 032C, Document, Double...
The ones I really read though are science magazines about space and black holes.  The book I have near my bed is "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" from Sogyal Rinpoché.

Thank you, Jacques-Elie!
View our collection of RIBEYRON here  

04 December 2015

mark borthwick

19 November 2015

27 October 2015

katrien de blauwer

17 October 2015

new space!
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02 October 2015

Join us Saturday, October 3rd at our new location!

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21 September 2015

moments from a détacher's dreamy spring 2016 presentation
photographed by valeda beach stull for anaïse