21 April 2014

    anaïse spring editorial
    photographed by the excellent brian ferry!

11 March 2014

An interview with Rosemarie Auberson,
an artist and illustrator based in Paris


+ a brief biography
I was born in Switzerland, between the mountains and the lake, in Lausanne. I am half
Swiss, half Japanese. I came to Paris to study art & design and I stayed here.

+ could you tell us about your work?
I share my work between commissioned work (illustration, art direction, graphic design)
and my personal work (more abstract collages).

+what inspires your work?
Everything, books, exhibitions, nature… Cy Twombly, Ellsworth Kelly, Suzan Frecon,
Pierrette Bloch, Hans Arp, Sonia Delaunay, Richard Tuttle, etc.

+could you describe your typical day?
I don’t have a daily routine, each day can be different depending on what I have to do. The
only routine is the kids: I start the day by bringing them to school and I pick them at the end
of the day. For the moment I have a studio where I go to work, but for a long time I worked
at home and I really loved that. I like that my work and my daily life are all mixed together.

+ favorite spots in paris?
Ofr, the best bookstore, le Bal café, a very good and friendly restaurant and a good
bookstore about photography too, Toraya, a japanese tea room, for a matcha in a very
seventies vibes, Téléscope café and Kunitoraya (japanese restaurant), both are rue de
Villedo, les Tuileries is my favorite garden, l’île de la Cité with Berthillon ice cream,
Centre Pompidou, Montmartre avoiding the touristic streets.

+ favorite magazines/books
World of Interior is one of my favourite magazine. Six, the magazine created by Comme des
Garçons in the nineties, the very old issues of L’OEil during the sixties until the seventies.
Recently my favourite book is A Flower with Love by Bruno Munari.
I love to read the writers diaries (Susan Sontag, Truman Capote…) and I just finished Play
it as it Lays and some chronicles about America, L’Amérique 1965-1990, both by Joan
Didion (we are discovering her work in France very recently). Now I am reading A brief
History of New Music by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

+favorite music
I always prefer the old ones, Brian Eno, Nick Drake, Syd Barret, Talking Heads, classical
with Bach… These days, I am listening to the beautiful Sibylle Baier’s Color Green and
Ariel Pink (completely different).

thank you, rosemarie!

06 March 2014

04 January 2014

daylight | blue

happy new year! 

25 November 2013

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photos by brian ferry

01 November 2013

                                                                olivier kervern

27 October 2013


                                      anaïse's fall lookbook
                                      photographed by the brilliant brian ferry
                                      in the beautiful, tranquil home of erika shroeder.
                                      many, many thanks to such a stunning, creative group- brian, erika, and lee!


03 October 2013


                                                          spent a few days in new york
                                                     and a few excellent hours at dashwood!


26 August 2013

                                                                                    An interview with Olivier Abry of Wo and Wé,
                                       a lighting creator based in Villeurbanne, France. 


+ Describe your work
Since I started the brand in 2010, I've been working on a contemporary lamp line inspired by industry, composed of articulated and adjustable wall lamps, simple and double arms and chandeliers.
It's a bit formal, but basically, I work following two separated lines :
The first one when I select, restore, and enhance vintage industrial lamps.
And a pretty new line, that I've started a few months ago, my very own handmade collection. I use elements produced by craftsmen from the Lyon area just for wo and we collection. They're all unique and customizable. I'm very proud of this part, I mean its a brand new way of working and it's so appreciable to be able to call it MY collection!

+ Could you tell us about the inspiration behind your work
Jean Prouvé's work is an unfailing source of inspiration. Charlotte Perriand's and Serge Mouille's are too.
I like a lot of very different lighting designers. From Will Rietvelt to Pierre Guariche, from vintage O.C. White to Achilles Castiglioni and from Isamu Nogushi to Joe Colombo.

+ Biography
I used to work as a manager at Pier Import 
across the Lyon area for 25 years. My decision to quit came out of nowhere after a few years of making lighting for friends and family.

+ Favorite local spots
Each Sunday morning, you can come across me, loafing in "Les puces du canal," Lyon's flea market. I meet my antiquarian friends there, and there's always a free spot for a newbie!
I also like to stop by Auguste Comte street, downtown, because of all the antiquarians, art galleries and my "must see" shops "Bensimon home" and "Maison hand"

+ Favorite Magazine/ books
To me, Apartamento is the greatest interior magazine. I read each article with utmost attention.
I'm kind of an art reader but I also enjoy architecture books, and US literature (Jim Harrison, John Fante...). I just finished and loved "Hollywood Babylone" written by Kenneth anger.

+ Dinner is...
At home with friends, sea food and good wine ...
I am not a cook at all (even eggs can be tough), thank god my wife is the finest!

+ Listening to...
I listen to all kinds of music ...
Lee Azelwood, Alt J, Feist, Damon Alban, Six to Rodriguez, Vampire Weekend.
Right now, the last album of Daft Punk is running on my vintage 60s sony turntable, can't get rid of it actually!
+ Wishing for...
New meetings, a new collection and new shipping places for my lamps!
I'm not exactly a great traveler, but I love when the postman asks me "where are you sending your lamp, this time, Olivier?" I am happy to answer UK, Taiwan Poland , Australia or USA!

Thank you, Olivier!

17 August 2013

little a on her new cell phone!

10 July 2013

24 June 2013

                                                                  atelier brancusi

19 June 2013

lucile was kind to show me cécile daladier's light-filled studio and verdant garden in paris.
it was such an inspiring, warm space!

12 June 2013

06 June 2013

                                                          last week in paris

15 May 2013

valeda and elijah's charming, tranquil home and  blooming garden

03 May 2013

                                                       erik has opened a gem of a shop 
                                  with special, one-of-a-kind books and book related accessories.  

 located in a most charming spot;
cobblestone paved Temescal Alley

29 April 2013

                                                         a lovely afternoon with 
marco and ewa in their inspiring home
san francisco,ca

they have the most beautiful aesthetic.
thank you, m + e! 

12 April 2013

                                                   anaïse turns
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06 April 2013

                                                     watching the sunset in san jose
                                                               a few links...
                                                       luigi ghirri:project prints
                                                      jane mayle's home [via cheryl

03 April 2013

                                                         vanessa bruno:revelation;
                                                  i love revisiting her beautiful films.