24 September 2007

reykjavik day 2 :: the art scene

meet the icelandic love corporation

currently showing at the reykjavik art museum [the above photo is the entrance to the museum]. the graphics are great aren't they! their work is pretty, whimsical, and some of it is even a little creepy.

more pretty graphics on the windows of the museum

a wall of knits

a photograph featuring the ilc girls at snaefellsness, iceland. photo by páll stefánsson.

after the museum, we walked across the street to the library where i picked up this bookmark.

can you believe, even the library has got an artsy flair! near the entrance, there are stacks of plain white journals which you can decorate. and for more art...the reykjavik museum of photography is on the 6th floor of the library, where there is a nice, small exhibition on afternoon press photography in iceland.

tomorrow...shops in reykjavik!

p.s. happy birthday to my baba. i am going to make him a plum cake (inspired by love forever)!


Prêt à Voyager said...

Very nice! I only have 24 hours to experience Iceland (this time around) so this is a great way for me to figure out my priorites.

Anonymous said...

So wishing I could explore Reykjavik, too. Love your polaroids, as always.
see you, g

Michelle said...

Oh what fun! sending you great vibes, hope you keep on having a wonderful time.