25 September 2007

reykjavik day 2 :: shops

this is sara's lovely shop, forynja.

and that's where i fell in love with this print! it was handprinted by sara's friend, siggi odds, onto a pale pink dress that she designed.

in the back of the shop, where all the printing takes place.

these shops that sara recommended are also great...

:: the naked ape (which she co-owns)
:: dead shop (handprinted designs)
:: kuk
:: rokk oq rosir (second hand shop)
:: kron (dreamy shoes by chie mahara, camper)
:: kron kron (the clothing counterpart of kron...eley kishimoto, marc jacobs)

thanks so much sara!

1 comment:

Bobble Bee said...

I love the fact that you're using polaroids to take the pictures of the shops and everything. :)