12 February 2016


An interview with Jacques-Elie Ribeyron, a Paris-based industrial designer, and creator of RIBEYRON
Inspired by organic silhouettes and industrial hardware, Jacques-Elie Ribeyron launched his eponymous line of jewelry, RIBEYRON, in autumn 2015. The line is produced in Paris by local artisans and craftsmen. 

+ Background
I grew up in Montréal, Canada and then moved to Lausanne, Switzerland to complete the second part of my studies. I studIed at Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne where I completed a masters degree in design and luxury industry. I graduated in 2010, and have lived in Paris since then.

+ Could you describe a typical day?
 I go to the studio, see manufacturers, then chat a lot with them as they are friends. I also do a lot of biking as Paris is quite small (I don’t have anything fancy, I use a simple Velib).

+ Favorite places in Paris
I am always in La Goutte d’Or in the 18th, Faubourg St-Denis in the 10th or Belleville in the 11th. 
The studio I have with some other friends is in Belleville and I live in La Goutte d’Or.  I really like these places. 

+ Favorite magazines and books
I appreciate 032C, Document, Double...
The ones I really read though are science magazines about space and black holes.  The book I have near my bed is "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" from Sogyal Rinpoché.

Thank you, Jacques-Elie!
View our collection of RIBEYRON here  

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