24 June 2015

An interview with Mona Kowalska, 
designer of A Détacher

+ Could you describe a typical day?
I usually get up at 6:30 am, and have a coffee. I'm usually at work by 9 am. Caitlin comes in at 10 am. We have half an hour of social time, and then we start working. We usually eat lunch quite early because we are all very hungry around here. It's pretty much a day of draping and sewing, and then we finish up at 7 pm.

+ Favorite spots in New York?
In terms of eating, I like Prune and Roman's. Those are my two favorite spots for eating by far.

In terms of stores, I like De Vera, it's more of a museum for me than a shopping experience, but I do like going there. I always find it very inspiring. Otherwise, I like walking around the city. I don't have a favorite spot; it's sort of wherever you find yourself, and it's always kind of surprising.

+ Favorite magazines?
I buy World of Interiors, The New Yorker, and New York Magazine.

 + Favorite genre of books?
When I really need to empty my brain, I turn to crime novels, and then I feel very boring afterwards. If I'm obsessing on something, it just gets rid of the obsessive piece completely. Sometimes when I need that, crime does that like nothing else. It's really just for specific moments. Otherwise, mostly fiction.

+ What's on your wish list?
There is a sofa I want by Tobia Scarpa, it's this brown leather sofa that sits within a metal frame. I just love the way it looks.

+ Wardrobe essentials?
They vary, but a good cotton dress...very, very essential.
I have to say, I have become super dependent on all those long sweaters that I make.

+ Idea of a perfect, summer meal?
I have to confess, I'm not an enormous foodie. I really kind of eat everything, so I don't know that I have a perfect meal. There's just more perfect dining experiences. I'm always happy at Prune, and I always get the huge vegetable plate.

+ What is your beauty regimen? 
I use a silver gel by ASAP. I slather it on and wear it as a mask at night three times a week. I also use Jojoba oil to cleanse my face and moisturize. I kind of use it for everything.

+ What is your definition of beauty?
People who know themselves. When you have that sense of knowing yourself, and that sense of comfort, it's the thing that matters the most. I find people who are good generally more beautiful. If you're kind of a bad person, you will get a bit of a hatchet face. I do think that goodness and decency have a resonance in beauty.

Thank you, Mona!
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Images by Valeda Beach Stull for Anaïse


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i love the part about people who know themselves being beautiful. such a good and important answer.