14 January 2015

An interview with Araks Yeramyan,
a lingerie and womenswear designer based in New York

From her earliest memories, Araks Yeramyan remembers three colors – red, yellow, and blue – 
from a trio of colored pencils given to her by her father, she learned that all colors could be made from these three. 
That was the beginning of her love of color. Every medium she worked with was restricted to this palette until the age of ten.

Araks studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, and supplemented her education at the Central Saint Martins School in London.

In 2000, Araks launched the Araks Lingerie Collection, now a favorite of Sofia Coppola and Michelle Williams among others. 
Araks strives to create beautiful and effortless underpinnings starting with the most intimate and personal layer.

+ what inspires you?
Color. I start every collection with color. I love the Victorian era, it is always a reference for me. 
It was such a dominant period, that influenced so many different geographies over the 80 year span. 
I love seeing its continued influences. 

+ could you describe a typical day?
My day starts and ends with my kids.  When I get to work, the first half of my day is all about my business. 
The second half is devoted to creation and inspiration. 

+ favorites spots in New York?
On a typical weekend, I go to the park with my kids, the galleries in Chelsea, then Bar Pitti for an early dinner. 
If I’m in the mood and want to go out for a late night, my friend Travis Bass throws pop-up parties throughout the city. 

+ favorite magazine/books/music
I get lost in Dashwood - it has the most beautifully curated fashion, art and design books. 

+ what are your essentials for winter?
My go-to uniform, when I don’t want to think about getting dressed, is a navy crew neck sweater and a white button-down. 
I really like this down liner vest that I have - I can put under any coat and stay warm. 
I keep shea butter at home and at work to keep my skin from getting too dry.

+ what's on your wish list?
I just renovated my apartment, 
so anything beautiful for my kitchen or for entertaining.
I love these Maison de Vacances Boho Pillowcases. I think they’d be perfect on my bed!   

Thank you, Araks!
View our collection of Araks here.

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Amanda said...

Thanks for this interview! I adore Araks (and wished it was more affordable but then the price makes it a luxurious splurge to be grateful for). There's just something about the fabric used and the design that makes all her intimate wear so exquisite.