02 April 2012

An interview with Kit Grill, an artist and designer based in London.

+ Describe your job
I work as an artist in London. Currently I am getting work ready for a show for in May of this year.

+ What inspires your work?
Nature, people, experience, peace and quiet, my work.

+ Favorite local places
I really enjoy the space, architecture and conservatory at The Barbican and similarly the structure and space at the Tate Modern. For less man-made environments I love Victoria Park in the sun. Normally, I leave London to get some nature.

+ Favorite websites/shops
Well my girlfriend introduced me to your blog and couple of other great ones but aside from them most of my time is spent on The Guardian, iPlayer or You Tube.
For shops I enjoy BFI film shop, Le Grenier, Rospo, Margaret Howell, Atlantis Art shop, Tate Bookshop and Uto Beer in Borough Market. All these were determined by me struggling to walk out without buying something!

+ Favorite magazines and books...
Just Kids by Patti Smith
De Profundis, The Ballad of Reading Gaol & Other Writings - Oscar Wild
American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis
Where I lived and What I lived For - Henry David Thoreau
Apartmento Magazine

+ Dreaming of....
A studio in the French countryside with a view of the sea, to paint in full of pots of pigments, paintbrushes, sunlight, blank canvases, wine, cheese, musical instruments, cats, dogs, friends and my girlfriend!

+ Dinner is....
Salad with chopped vine tomatoes, cucumber, nectarines, mozzarella, pepper, oregano, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Parma ham.

+ Listening to....
Currently listening to Roxy Music, Grimes, Arthur Russell, Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch, The Doors, Talking Heads, Otis Redding, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Benny Goodman, Frederic Chopin and Schubert.

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P R I M O E Z A said...

i always enjoy these little interviews and being introduced to new artists.