11 January 2012

new at ANAISE...
RIKA magazine

japanese home goods and dieppa restrepo shoes in versatile shades of camel and black.

sculptural rope necklaces by Wwake, a new line of handmade jewelry from the pacific northwest!

p.s. the PRIMOEZA cabin sweaters have been restocked and are now available in all sizes.
elizabeth offers several ways to style the sweater here.


Belinda said...

LOVE those Wwake necklaces.

I am so impressed with the consistently high quality products you are stocking in your store.

Anonymous said...

all looks excellent. great photos!

erica said...

beautiful as always. i love how quiet and peaceful the photographs are.

Anonymous said...

Everythings are so creative.

E. said...

I really like the look of that magazine! And I adore the look of your blog. I will definitely be back for a lot of browsing!

x E.