23 January 2012

An interview and studio visit with Shabd Simon-Alexander, fashion designer and dye-artist.
Brooklyn, September 2011.


+ What inspires your work?
I love making things. It could be drawings, sculpture, clothing; I'm happiest when my hands are busy.

+ Favorite local places
Saltie for the cookies. Gea's Garden Jewels in the east village. They sell the most amazing tropical and desert plants, plus gemstones and oversized gemstone jewelry.

+ Favorite websites/shops
this american life

+ Favorite magazines/books
Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay

+ What is on your wish list?
More time to travel.

+ Dinner is...
Still something from the CSA farm share until the end of October. When I'm cooking, meals are very simple, so good ingredients are vital.

+ Listening to.....
My fall mix, i make one every season to send out with orders and make special cases out of our scrap fabric. The songs from twin peaks set the mood this season.

Thank you, Shabd!


Brittany said...

really great interview. and those shelves--want!

ashley said...

love these interview series! and the couch!

Michelle said...

Oh dear I love her style, and her clothes so much. I have a few pieces, and they are made so well! I treat them like gold. Thank you for this great interview!

jenny gordy said...

Great interview! Shabd is awesome, and I love her apartment.

fox said...

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