11 October 2011

An interview with Laetitia Benat, an image maker based in Paris.

+ Describe your job
I'm an image maker: drawings, photos, words, objects… to share them with others, to create another form of language, a conversation out of time.

+ What inspires your work?
My main source of inspiration I find simply in nature, the smell of the air, the evening light (I mean by living in town, I feel something of the nature however small it is. Also, curiously in all that is unseen, invisible (energy, the hidden things). Finally, in my wanderings in the libraries and bookstores, I love books.

+ Favorite local places
Musée Gustave Moreau, le Bois de Vincennes et les jardins de Versailles !

+ Favorite websites/shops
Blake Archive
Project Gutenberg
Intelligent Clashing

+ Favorite magazines/books
"William Blake et ses illustrations pour la Divine Comédie" by William Butler Yeats, (editions la délirante Paris, frenchbook)

+ What is on your wishlist?
I have wishes, while simple, very concrete, a little materialistic (like having an apartment a little larger) but if I did it would be a first: the energy of love for all and everywhere, I think it could change a lot of things.

+ Dinner is...
Soup (sweet potato, coconut milk and ginger), small goat cheese, cinnamon apple pie

+ Listening to...
I go through a period where I do not listen to music, it happens from time to time, as a diet, a cure of "silence"?

Thank you, Laetitia!
You can view more of her stunning work here.

Original photo credits:
Cousin simone & her friend golo show me what they can do as acrobats - in the park of saint-cloud, undated (probably 1912) by Jacques Henri Lartigue
2 [left]:
Laetitia BENAT, collage + photoshop treatment (pictures find) 2011
2 [right]: Laetitia BENAT, collage (including a picture of Lygia Clark -top- and one of mine- petals) 2011
Laetitia BENAT, original photography, Berlin, 2011
4: Laetitia BENAT, glazed stoneware, 10 x 6 x 9 cm (approximately), 2011


Erica said...

very beautiful and other world!

Brittany said...

very interesting. i love the "haunted" look of her photos.

alice said...

But are these images created by Laeticia or just a composition made by her? I'm asking just because I don't see any credits to some of the original authors...

Nome Alone said...

So great! And lovely blog!