16 October 2011

An interview with Kristin Dickson, designer and owner of IKO-IKO

+ Describe your job:
I have the store IKO IKO with my partner Shin. We show work by a small grouping of artists and designers spanning sculpture, ceramic, fashion, jewelry and curiosities. I make clothing under the label Rowena Sartin and Shin makes furniture and utilitarian objects under the name WAKA WAKA. We create exclusive pieces for the store as makers and together with some of our artists. We love our job and feel lucky to work with really inspiring and talented people trying to make our space something that is both personal and uncommon, underlining a feeling of discovery.

+What inspires your work?
Everyday experience, light, simplicity, unexpected contrast, looking at things in repetition, Japan, California, Shin, flowers, grandmas

+ Favorite local places
Elyssian Park, the flower mart, morning walks in the neighborhood, Cliff's Books, Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo

+ Favorite websites/shops
I'm a window shopper for the most part so ebay satisfies that. I always save for Japan and try to buy one nice thing from a designer big or small that I admire.

+ Favorite magazines/books
African Elegance by Alice Mertens, Issey Miyake: Making Things, Marc Camille Chaimowicz's The World of Interiors, Japanese Flower Arrangement for Modern Homes by Margaret Preininger, The Dyer's Art by Jack Larsen and for a quick wow this book Shin gave me of kimono hairstyles from a contemporary hair school in Japan.

+ What is on your wish list?
Really wishing here...a house in Spain, an Agnes Martin and the pink/black polka dot dress from Comme des Garcons Fall 2008 collection.

+ Dinner is...
Spontaneous, but mostly a medley of vegetables plus yaki onigiri if the grill is lit. Lots of soups in the fall and winter.

+ Listening to...
Emilio Santiago, Herbie Hancock: Mwandishi, Roy Ayers: Vibrations, Cláudia: Deixa eu dizer, Elli et Jacno. Driving to work on Saturdays it's This American Life and on Sundays it's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me...both can easily make my day.




YES love this so much!

alexa said...

great interview! Kristin is so inspirational!

Solar Oven said...

Truly exquisite!

ashley said...

She is truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Jennifer said...

Love her, love her store, love her designs.
Thanks Renee...I now have a long list of books and music to check out :)

m i l e n a said...

I love her and her work too, I hope I can visit the store one day!

Jocy said...

Ooh, I will be in L.A. in two months! I hope they have a shop/warehouse I can browse through. Lovely job on the interview, Renee.

jujumade said...

Yay!! I love ikoiko! great post :)