22 September 2011

stopped by leanne's yoga studio, modern bliss, while i was back home.
she created such a beautiful, tranquil space and it's located right next to the potomac river!


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful space!

m i l e n a said...

thanks for posting this, yoga spaces are the best.
I wish I had a special room just for practicing, for now the space in between the work table and the bed will have to do.

jennifer said...

cool! the space is so gorgeous. maybe i'll try to take some classes there now that i'm spending a lot of time in dc!

leanne said...

Renee - it was so fun to see you and thank you so much for taking some photos for me! I hope you were able to pick up some treats at Baked & Wired.

Cheryl and Milena - thank you - it keeps me grounded.

Jennifer - I'd love to have you in a class. Let me know if you're interested!

Park Street said...

My heart literally aches looking at that amazing space. So clean and clear. Perfect to clear your mind and stretch your body.

I saw that first photo on Flickr and it inspired me to write a post. I hope you don't mind.