07 September 2011

An interview with Eve Lateiner, a mixed media painter and sculptor based in NYC.


+ What inspires your work
The body, tools, sexuality, animals, nature, psychology, fashion

+ Favorite local places
Central Park, Gimme coffee, Creatures of Comfort, Eleven Rivington, my
studio, Brooklyn flea

+ Favorite magazines/books
The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts, “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo
Emerson, Modern Painters magazine

+ What is on your wish list
To continue making art and sharing it with others, a piece from A Detacher’s fall 2011 collection

+ Dinner is...
40 Carrots plain frozen yogurt with carob chips

+ Listening to...
Cavalier King!


blue roses said...

compelling work, the piece reminds me a bit of the beautiful shards of glass, scraps of seaweed, caught between the tumultuous slaps of sea waves.

will definitely check out some more.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful! Her work is reminiscent of Eva Hesse's work (which I love as well).

Brittany said...

oh wow--i love this piece. i'll have to check out more of her work. thank you for the introduction. :)

ashley said...