17 June 2011

An interview with Céline Sathal, a costumier and stylist based in Marseille, France.


+ Describe your job

I work for the theater, my last accomplishments were for the GdRA.
I also work with museums to redo period costumes that have disintegrated, and as a stylist for films and photoshoots.

This year, I opened an online store, c sathal boutique , where I propose my own creations, a collection of jewelry and accessories, made ‘completely by hand’ in crocheted leather and chain.

+ What inspires your work?

The Mediterranean inspires me! I was born one hundred meters from the seafront.

I am inspired by memories of my childhood in the 70s, the wild Pampelonne beaches in Ramatuelle where we slept on the sand in the summer with my mother, by the craggy white calanques and burning rock in southern France where I learned to walk, by the escapades in Corsica or in the mountains in my mother's VW coccinelle cabriolet. The spirit and education were very free!

Organic matter, elements, smells, all of nature inspire me.
Architecture inspires me, I love the old palaces of the 30's from Italy to the 'côte d'Azur', but also the traditional architecture in each region in each country, all new architectures ecological, and contemporary.
Photography and film have been a big influence in my work: Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei Zvyagintsev, John Cassavetes, David Lynch; treasures for me of infinite riches.
I have long lived near art and essay cinema and have seen movies of all origins. I also love french auteur cinema, 'la nouvelle vague,' and Leos Carax, Bruno Dumont, Xavier Beauvois, Abdellatif Kechiche. I'm hungry for images, like images of daily life.

Craftsmanship inspires me too, I like to see people fabricating things.
Fashion, great couturiers, and all I that see on the streets, both in the countryside and in cities. Seeing people as they are, as they love each other.

And always the children. I have four, and they inspire me a lot, all the time. I like to see and feel their wild side and innocence.

+ Favorite local places

I love finding places in my town that are still intact. Places that seem to have been spared by the jolt. Places a little out of time.

And the heart of the city teeming with people and life.

+ Favorite websites/shops

little doe is love
rike feurstein

+ Favorite magazines/books

I have books purchased over time that I revisit often in my studio. These are permanent sources for my work and my pleasure. There are books on costume, textiles, handicrafts, furniture, architecture, ethnology, photography, fashion, books about artists and their work.

Elsa Schiaparelli by Dilys Blum
Les Messagers
La Maternite by Nan Goldin
Costumes Coupes et formes

Photos Nouvelles

+ What is on your wish list?

continue to make dreams every night and remember it at the morning

+ Dinner is...

Eating urchins that have just been picked, sitting on a rock, putting my feet in the sea at sunset, and then biting into sweet and juicy apricots. I like to eat natural, non-processed foods.
At home, I cook shrimp in coconut milk and lemongrass with ginger, cardamom, a little curry and fresh coriander, served with basmati rice and green tea.
My desire would be to go to dinner soon at Aïda in Paris, whose menu I am totally dreaming about.

+ Listening to...

My taste in music varies.
This year I have listened to Beirut, I love all their albums. David Grubbs' "The year Optimist Notes the Dusk," Portico Quartet, Deerhoof. When I want high energy, I listen to The Ex or Grinderman.
I love the radio, I listen exclusively to documentaries in pod cast, I'm a fan!
I also like Joanna Newsom, Coco Rosie, Vic Chesnutt, Charles Aznavour, Serge Reggiani, Georges Brassens, Jeanne Moreau.
I have a big attraction to Arab-Andalusian music and Sephardic 60's with Maurice El Medioni et Lili Boniche.
Then the whole collection of 'Ethiopiques' I find fantastic. I adore 'Senegal 70' of groove perfect for dancing! ...
When I was a teenager, I bought a lot of vinyl records, I kept a few, and sometimes I listen to them: Elli and Janco, the stynky toys, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Tom Verlaine, Serge Gainsbourg, Japan ...
I love music and I live with a man who collects discs, so I have the chance to dig into his discotheque and constantly discover new things...


P R I M O E Z A said...

so evocative. love these interviews.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful interview! I love her jewelry.

alexa said...

great interview renee! love the photographs you included too!

S. said...

a masked portrait and an interview that reveals so much, what a personality !
thank you ! :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

so intriguing. will have to check out those links by and by.

Various Projects said...

beautiful crocheted doily mask. :)

laura said...

thank you for introducing me to the ethiopiques collections-just purchased two albums on itunes and i feel transported already :)