11 May 2011

An interview with McIntyre Parker, director of Pied-à-terre, an occasional off-space and publishing house based in San Francisco.


+ What inspires your work?
Things I can't properly describe in art and life

+ Favorite local places
The Pacific Ocean, "secret sushi"

+ Favorite Websites
Stand up Comedy

+ Favorite magazine and book
The Gentlewoman
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge's whole output

+ What is on your wish list?
Seeing friends who live elsewhere
Traveling to Japan, Marfa, Glasgow, Brussels, Paris
Hayley Tompkins' new book
A new pair of A.P.C. jeans

+ Current/Future projects?
I have an upcoming solo show in Philadelphia at Possible Projects from May 21-June 12. I also have a tape coming out on the Philadelphia-based label Peasant Magik.

first SF show begins this weekend(without an opening)with Aaron Flint Jamison of Veneer magazine.

Thanks so much, McIntyre!

installation in images 1 and 3 by alice channer
painting in image 2 by daniel payavis