24 March 2011

An interview with Alexa of CLEAR NORTH


+ describe your job

design arrangements for weddings and various events, create floral installations and being surrounded in beauty that is constantly changing

+ what inspires your work?

collecting beach rocks, sunlight, color patterns in fields and gardens

+ what are the steps to making a floral arrangement?

for me they are:
:: creating a foundation or base of woody stems and foliage that inspires the
:: adding colorful face flowers in groupings and at different levels, showing off
the beauty of each bloom
:: finally incorporating the more wispy elements to create intuitive movement and
flow- to harmonize the arrangement

+ what is on your wishlist?

ceramic cups by noriko yamamoto, a satomi kawakita ring, just about anything from raquel allegra’s spring collection

+ what are your favorite local places?

plow (for the lemon ricotta panckes and cameilla blossom iced tea), mile rock beach, flora grubb gardens and anica boutique

have a look at her stunning and inspiring blog here.
thank you so much, alexa!


alexa said...

thanks renee!

katiekentucky said...

So beautiful and inspiring, as always. Looking at your images always makes me feel happy.
I am so excited for your shop to open-- you have a wonderful eye and it'll surely be perfect. Keep us posted!


Nazara said...


Marie said...

ah what a great job!
beautiful work alexa!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love this renee.

Studio Duermevela said...

Beautiful... Really. Nice interview.

WPZ - Sandy said...

Ohhh, if I hadn't DIYed my floral arrangements, I would have been so happy to know and hire this person as I love their floral philosophies! Movement and harmony = love!