24 January 2011

An interview with Magda, a painter and photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.


+ Where are your favorite local places?

the Cafe Paris ( www.cafeparis.net) , home , nearby fleamarket in St.Pauli

+ Where are your favorite places to escape to?

the "Sachsenwald" woods or the butterflygarden attached to a small copse,
sometimes the industial park near the harbour ... and thrift stores.

+ What is on your wish list?
to work with clay and glaze.
to buy a sculpture by Hermine Anthoine,
shoes - pretty much constantly on the wishlist.

+ What inspires your work?

the wish to make feelings visible by painting...
music by the world inferno friendship society,
the shaman like persona of artist kiki smith and louise bourgeois
and daily struggle...

You can see more of Magda's work on her website SEE MAGDA

Thank you so much, Magda!


Unknown said...

fantastic work!!

alexa said...

her work is really beautiful- thank you for sharing about her!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful and magical!

Nicola said...

really beautiful

YHBHS said...