03 January 2011


a few things inspiring me...

+ string gardens [via all the mountains]
+ fluo
+ heimann und schwantes

i always feel new energy when january comes around.
new ideas and projects. more soon!


erica said...

string gardens--how amazing! it would be a clever way to have an indoor garden that my kitties can't nibble on.

hope you're having a good start to the new year!

Anonymous said...

the string gardens... dont judge... reminded me of the floating mountains in AVATAR. happy new year to you! x

R.G. said...

hi erica! yes, i think it would be a good alternative, unless they are high jumpers.

happy new year to you!

R.G. said...

ha! :)
happy new year to you too, natasha!

Sara Downton said...

string gardens are such a cool idea!
my ceilings are too low in my apartment though :(
happy new years!

Marie said...

the string gardens are amazing!!
i'm thinking about new projects too:)

Unknown said...

excited about the news projects!
i feel the same way myself!

super super post! love the string garden!


Unknown said...

that string garden looks lovely! Some very inspiring things going on here.

Shanti Knight said...

I love the last photo. It's simple and so clean. A really nice way to convey the inspiration... and the experience of being inspired via a book.