15 September 2010


watched m make two ikebana flower arrangements. she is so good.
i am slowly learning.

some great things...

+ lena and mav's BROOKLYN DIARY. looks really special.
+ berkeley pool
+ belle fleure de lis
+ journal de jours


Anonymous said...

What can I say ? Thank you soo much for the link !

Before I saw it my intention was to tell you that your blog is my favourite blog at the moment, and then I saw the link. Wauw.

You make my day !

Love, Hermine

Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens said...

love the first pictures very much, a favorite.

Thank you for linking to my blog, first time for me to see that someone mentioned my blog.

have a nice day.

kristina - no penny for them said...

i've always wanted to learn how to do ikebana. must be so good!

for those links, i'll have to set aside some special time to check them out. i love it when you post them.

Shannon Fricke said...

very sweet blog.