13 July 2010

An interview with Julia and Javi of SuTurno, an excellent design studio based in Madrid.


+ What are your local favorites?

Our favourite spots are always flea markets and Decorative Arts Museums. These are the places we always look for everytime we visit a new city.

Some favourite spots in Madrid:
Vintage Fashion: Corachan y Delgado and Pepita is Dead
Food: Olivia te Cuida
Museums: The lesser known Museo del Traje and Museo de Artes Decorativas are also favourites
Shops: any of the Sportivo Group Shops, they have the best brand selection in town for both men and women

+ Where are your favorite places to escape?

Los Urrutias, by the so called Mar Menor, in Murcia (Spain), is a cozy small village of little houses where Julia´s Grandparents also had one by the sea. We spend the very hot Spanish Summers there with no cell phones, internet or computers around, just surrounded by friends and family, taking end-less dips in the almost thermal waters of the Mar Menor, making short trips in the countryside nearby and spending the spare hours playing around new projects at the carpenter workshop set up by Julia´s Grandfather just there.

+ What are your favorite snacks

Some sort of corn cookies we can eat all the time!! We can spend hours and hours at our studio with no sense of the time, so we often end up going back home for lunch at 4 or dinner at 11!!! therefore we always try to have a good stock of these cookies around.

+ What's on your wish list?
We´d love to design buttons, wallpaper or textiles for the public transport service! We also hope one day we are able to focus on the design side only and leave the studio finances management (and home duties!!) to someone else

+ What inspires your work?

Repetitions, plants and flowers, antiques, arts and crafts from all over the World, films, old toys, the shadows of the buildings... and boredom, it´s the best time to let your imagination fly!

+ Where will your travels take you next?

Mmm... so many places! We are just back from Japan, our most dreamt of destination for a long time, and we´ve come back totally fascinated... Rather than thinking of a specific place, we´d like to spend a while at workshops or craft schools around the World, learning traditional artisan techniques such as textile printing, ceramics, engraving...

have a look at their printed pillows, scarves, and bolsacos in their shop.

thank you so much, julia and javi!


alisha said...

Awesome! This is so great. I've loved their work for so long.

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very very niice!

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oh lovely...how did you know i have had spain on the brain lately...;))

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loved reading this. great stuff.

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so lovely. and i adore the girl's outfit.

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wow!! thanks so much for doing this interview!!
i really like them!!

so cool!!

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Nice shop! happy to have found your blog !