18 February 2010

wai lin tse

achh, these winter days have been so cold and grey.
i find myself needing a little extra push to get up in the morning.

here is the recipe for that little push:

a handful of blueberries and strawberries
1 banana
1.5 cups milk
a drizzle of honey
a couple pinches of cardamom

mix in blender and bing bada bang!


marie said...

sounds good:)

kristina - no penny for them said...

wonderful photo and link!

i don't have a blender, but the sun was shining this morning and perking me up. hooray!

hope spring is coming to your corner of the world very soon.

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

;) good plan!... always nice posts

jen said...

oh, sounds delicious! love cardamom!

Anonymous said...

in the long winter months i feel like whole cardamom pods make EVERYTHING better i.e. steeped in hot water and honey or as a thick crust around beef tenderloin before it enters the oven. MM

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Ooh yum!!