30 July 2009

top: mina perhonen [aw 2009-2010]
bottom: claire nereim [via particules]

i'm also loving these fall collections...
+ sessun
+ no.6


Enrica said...

Just passing by and I got curious when I have seen the name of the blog: Montmartre Sketchbook. There is a reason for this?
You know I have a friend, Eva Leandre, who created a company renting apartments in Montmartre. It is called Les Studios de Montmartre. She is crazy for this little village in the middle of Paris, so different from the rest of the city!

R.G. said...

Hi Enrica!

I've always wanted to visit Montmartre. Thanks for telling me about your friend's rental company, I will check it out since I hope to be visiting next year!


Guusje said...

Cool collections!

emel said...

bottom one is lovely.
claire has nice work!

Juniper said...

Really like the combination of these three photos, somehow feels like it should go with a poem or a song.
Thanks for sharing

babelfish said...

wow, sessun love <3 and mina perhonen (of course), you have such great tastes :)