25 December 2008

time for merriment!

we celebrated the eve with blackberry wine, manti (lamb dumplings), and pomegranate ice-cream. it was so good!
this morning, i made ginger scones for breakfast. it's a really good recipe...i altered it a bit by mixing in a handful of spelt flour.

wishing you a happy holiday!


S Y L V I A P A R K said...

i love your tights :-)
where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely!
Beautiful pictures too!
: )

R.G. said...

hi sylvia...i picked them up at anthropologie a few weeks ago.
very warm!

S Y L V I A P A R K said...

thanks :)

nikole said...

happy holidays miss

Anonymous said...

Mmm...delicious looking food + love those tights!

meena meena said...

ooh!i love these!pretty,lovely socks.its all about socks, they are everything comfortable!everything in the world!

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