01 November 2008

sakura ryokan near ueno, tokyo
room no. 501

yoyogi park

the next morning, after we had settled into the ryokan, we had a picnic of grilled chicken and octopus on skewers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Renee!

Nice that you are back.
I am looking forward to what you will show. Have never been to Japan, it must be fascinating!

Take care! Jo

yasu said...

oh i didnt know you were in japan. your photos are soft and lovely!

Unknown said...

Your photos from Japan are wonderful..I went to Japan last year, and its nice to see it through different eyes. So soft and light.
I especially love those screens!
Look forward to seeing more :)

- xiomi

jen said...

wonderful photos. lucky you!

Anonymous said...

That room is so wonderfully simple and beautiful, love your photos.