14 November 2008

:: an interview with yegang yoo ::

yegang is a clothing and textile designer who currently resides in brooklyn, nyc.
she received her BA in clothing and textiles at seoul national university in korea, and a B.F.A in fashion at parsons school of design.

+ local favorites
The Bunker night
Sometimes Studio B (with favorite DJs)
Woodley and Bunny
The Gutter

+ favorite places to escape
Fire Island
The big soccer field in East Brunswick
Promised Land lakes in Poconos
Movie theatres, concerts, the bowling alley, and card games with drinks and food

+ favorite snacks
Thai fried tofu
Homemade salsa with chips
Sesame tofu quesadilla with a hint of vietnamese garlic chili

+ what's on your wish list?
A sunny studio with a high ceiling and a garden in the back

+ what inspires your work?
It differs for each project, but usually it is a mix of things that i am interested in at that moment .

+ what are your dreams for the future?
To keep learning, to be inspired, and to get obsessed with different things in life.

* * * * * * *

thank you yegang!
i love your geometric prints.


ryan said...

gawker linked

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing !

Amber said...

Great blog!! Lovely interview, as well. Interesting to read :)

Kata said...

i would love to see more interviews, renee!