19 December 2007

my teacher from spain once told me how easy it is to fall in love.
not just with a person....but with the sun. the air. pastries. music.

i fell for san francisco. the food. the kind, sunny people. and as much as my quadriceps protested, the hilly sidewalks.
i ate and ate, i must have gained about 10 pounds!
i love you, farina.

p.s. there is one more slot open for the collective project.


Joanna Goddard said...

i would love to be part of the collective project if the spot is still open!!

your spanish teacher sounds sweet--and right. i fell in love with san francisco, new york, peanut butter, The Glass Castle, and my bike (sometimes i will talk to it, seriously, or thank it for a nice ride).

s.i. michaels said...

My very first road trip was to S.F. I've loved it ever since and am glad it's so close.

Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

i am still in love with san francisco and shall never forget her.

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