05 December 2007

The Collective Project

col·lec·tive (kə-lĕk'tĭv) adj.
Assembled into or viewed as a whole.

The Collective Project is a swap of handmade pieces from your favorite artist(s)....

Send 3 handmade items from artists that inspire you.
[letterpress. post cards. photos. printed tea towels. zines. wooden spoons...just for example] These three items may be from a single artist or three different artists, however, when placed together, these three items should 'fit' beautifully together as a small collection.

The Collective Project is open to bloggers located in the US and internationally. This swap is also open to 6 non-bloggers [to be paired with other non-bloggers]. Please email email_montmarte@yahoo.com if interested by Friday, December 14, 2007. Partners will be informed on December 19. Mailing date for packages is January 30.