02 October 2007

granny style

i really love these shoes, here and here. the second pair also come in a beautiful shade of brown [via simply photo].

these are also just perfect. reminds me of all the incredible vintage shoes sitting in my grandma's closet that are much too narrow for me!

this photo series is lovely

:: some about granny [via bluebird]


Anonymous said...

I had those clogs marked as a favorite on flickr in the dark brown. So tempting.

I think the narrowness of vintage shoes is what keeps me from buying them via ebay & such. What did people with wide feet do back in the day? Wear Kleenex boxes on their feet?

LittleDoodles said...

I've always admired old ladies style...I call it granny chic!

Anonymous said...

I dont think these shoes are granny style.I like the colour of the 1st shoe.

Bobble Bee said...

the second pair is really lovely! I don't like the color that much though, but the style is terrific. I'd love them in red :)