22 August 2007

cool photos

...by jon bergman (via fine little thing)


platinum blonde said...

love the balloon photo!

ambika said...

These make me think of the affects you get with polaroids or holgas. I have *got* to get some more 120 film.

Chelsea said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what ASA, film stock, filters(?) and how the film is processed (lab or by hand??) that gives this final look??. It really has a 70's gritty feel to it.
Lovely photos.

Jessica said...

Beautiful and very simple - reminds me of Luis Bunuel film still. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

aaah... you must know the path to my heart. nothing, nothing makes me happier than
b.dreams (my personal symbol for following dreams is a red baloon)
c. film photography.

gorgeous post.
; )

Anonymous said...