21 May 2007

Post Karte Project

The Post Karte Project is a swap of visuals that inspire you.

...Take and send photos of 5 things in your daily life that make you happy
[the sky. shoes sitting in the corner. lace cloth. raspberries. a cup of coffee. art.]

...A sweet note to introduce yourself to your partner.

...5 beautiful paper goods
[vintage postcards. simple papers. par avion envelopes. magazines. small moleskin journals. parchment paper. string to tie packages with.]

Post Karte Project is open to bloggers located in the US and internationally. Please email postkarteproject@yahoo.com if interested by Tuesday, May 29 2007. Partners will be informed on June 1. Please have packages sent by June 14.



Thanks to everyone who signed up! Partners will be announced tomorrow...the 1st of June!


jen hook said...
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Anonymous said...

yay! I love seeing what inspires others, count me in!

mari stolan said...
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mari stolan said...

oh oh whats this whats this? gonna be hard sending away 5 papergoods though!

laura tj said...

a swap!! i'd love to join in, will send you an email shortly!

nikole said...

count me in! :)

Unknown said...

oh no! is it too late for me to sign up?? :( i'm a day late!! bummer...

just in case though:

Anonymous said...

Hope you do this again. I just have too much going on right and now and for fear of flaking didn't sign up. But I would love to next time:)!

Anonymous said...

ooh..I missed this one.

Will you do another ?

Anonymous said...

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