24 April 2007

I heart NYC

Such an amazing vibrant city...posted a few pics here from the trip!
Some things that I really loved:

...people watching

...walking through Central Park and eating ice-cream...strolling through the city at midnight.

... Kinokuniya bookstore (via Mav/Lena Corwin). Picked up a few Edition de Paris books (via Hoping for Happy Accidents) but they're packed with lots of good inspiration. I'll post some pics for you to see within the week!

...Minamoto Kitchoan. It's right next to the bookstore, and they've got delicious Japanese desserts! I tried a cherry blossom dessert filled with a sweet bean filling (almost like a mochi). Swoon. Almost better than cupcakes!

...Did you know a pack of sweet strawberries from Chinatown are just $1! And you can get pieces of the most delicious shrimp dumplings ever for just $3 at Mei Lai Wah on Bayard Street.

...The Cooper-Hewitt is out of this world!

...The Market NYC. So inspiring to see all that talent and creativity. Picked up this necklace there!

Loved it all. And I'm ready to go back.


Anonymous said...

There are so many other great spots to chat about. The next time you are in town we should get together for brunch and talk a bit. I know a few fantastic places!

R.G. said...

That would be great! And if you're ever in the Maryland/DC area let me know!

k.c.k. said...

oh i'm so glad that you had a nice time! you went to some of my most favorite places here in town.

i have a couple editions de paris books that i was thinking of giving up...not sure if you want them, but if you do, i'd be happy to send them to you. its these two:



let me if you want them...

Anonymous said...

ah, yes! as soon as i leave nyc, i have a wistful feeling of wanting to return. could never tire of all there is to see there.

thanks for linking to me, a nice way to discover such a lovely spot pn the web!


nikole said...

ooooh, makes me want to go more!